CGRS Week 7

I’m very excited to report I’ve got guests lined up for this weeks’ meeting (7/21) and also the following week (7/28). I’m going to be moving the blog to a dedicated place for building some content (I hope you’ll all participate, see the ask below) and generating a following that would include Event producers from the production world and the client side.

I’m going to send out some surveys to get the ball rolling on some spec sheets we can create together to start setting standards and protocols.

I tried to keep up the momentum begun by “Pat” from last week. We talked about our industry top to bottom and aired some thoughts about how to move forward and how to help each other grow in this new environment.

There will be shows in the near future. Some smaller shows will offer the dedicated show op an opportunity to “host” an event remotely. We should expand our skill-set to be ready. I gave my best shot at laying the foundation for the “big ask” below in our meeting.

Here’s the big ask: I’d love to get some input from the community –

  1.  I’d like to have members of this community contribute to the content for these specs and “present” them to the group. This serves two purposes, presents the data for scrutiny and comment so we end up with “best practices” and allows another member the opportunity to “run” a show on a platform for practice. It’s up to us if this gets produced as part of our 1pm Tues meetings or if we think we might need to add a meeting just for this practice. The results of these test meetings become the springboard for developing content to begin to sell our services both to direct clients and to production companies as standalone products. There is room for members to help develop a particular spec sheet but defer on the presentation of the content.
  2. If you’re interested in “running” a show for practice I’d like to have you consider contributing monetarily. I’m going to get a license for Team Viewer which will allow us to access a couple of off-site computers for “playback” and you practice “hosting”. You can decide if you want to “host” on Teams or Zoom utilizing streams from Team Viewer. Put a comment below if you have questions about this. To be clear, I’m not looking to make money on this, only to get the services paid for for all of us to benefit from.
  3. If you’re a designer, please present some ideas to the group through one of the above practices so we can see your work in real-world situations.

If we’re diligent with this we can generate work for ourselves through our expertise.

In addition to the recap video, I’m also adding links to a page of vendors and links to Russell Smith’s videos detailing his “rig” of many tricks to get content to the audience from his studio at home.

Russell Smith’s Informative Studio Details

Be sure to check out his other videos on his YouTube channel.

Here are a few links to videos we watched:

How to use Team Viewer

BoxCast overview

Here’s the recap:

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